What's in it for you?

As a Divine-ologist, I spend my days reminding people how to connect with their divine support specialists, so that they can feel more peaceful, aligned, centred, calm, confident, passionate, energetic, on purpose, fulfilled, and awake. Sometimes my courses and classes don't suit your schedule, right? And I was asking "how can I serve the people who can't get to meditation class or a workshop?" And MY guides said ... "Give them the option to connect with us ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT ... give them an app." And so this portal is ALL ABOUT YOU! It is a collection of meditations with the Angels, Archangels, Animal Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Moon Meditations (new and full) ... to support your divine reconnection. Jump in at lunch time, on a public transport, as you go to sleep or before you get out of bed. Your divine support specialists are there for you whenever you need them. And I upload a new meditation each week - YAY! I hope you enjoy experiencing these guided journeys as much as I enjoyed channelling them. Blessings Pip. p.s. If you'd like to join a live meditation class, go to my website: www.pipcoleman.com - check the schedule and book in online - EASY PEEZY LEMON SQUEEZY!! .

Course curriculum

  • 1

    5-10 minute beginner meditations

    • Introduction to 5-minute beginner meditations

    • Body Relaxation meditation (9.28 mins)

    • Mini-Mantra meditation (8.44 mins)

    • Breathing meditation (8.27 mins)

    • Listening meditation (7 mins)

    • Mini Chakra Balance meditation (6.20 mins)

    • Your Sacred Space guided meditation (8.26 mins)

    • Feeling meditation (7.33 mins)

    • Looking meditation (8.13 mins)

    • Walking meditation (7.23 mins)

    • Crystal meditation (8.30 mins)

  • 2

    Animal Spirit Guides

    • Animal Spirit Guide meditation - journey to meet your guide. (41 mins)

    • Coyote ASG meditation - stay poised and remain calm in the midst of any chaotic situation (33 mins)

    • Peacock ASG meditation - if your self-esteem is low and you want to feel better about yourself (28 mins)

    • Bee & Ant Animal ASG meditation - community. family. synchronistic friendships. (32 mins)

    • Buffalo & Cow ASG meditation - abundance. miracles. (44 mins)

    • Chameleon Animal Spirit meditation - focusing on acting "as if" you already live your best life. That's the essence of manifesting. (30 mins)

    • Dolphin ASG meditation - playfulness. breathe. connection. (35 mins)

    • Echidna ASG meditation for transformation, wisdom and knowledge. (34 mins)

    • Ladybug ASG meditation - wishing. luck. balance of life. (38 mins)

    • Koala ASG meditation - peace, calm and serenity. (38 mins)

    • Tortoise & Hare animal spirit guide meditation - slow and steady progress is the answer to your

    • Unicorn ASG meditation - innocence. purity. open-heartedness. (32 mins)

    • Whale ASG meditation - inner wisdom. deep healing. (42 mins)

  • 3

    Divine Feminine / Goddesses

    • Goddess Abundantia - attracting prosperity and manifesting your desires. (42 mins)

    • Goddess Guinevere - invoked for both fertility, grieving loved ones and to take the dead to the afterlife plane. (44 mins)

    • Goddesses Green Tara & White Tara meditation journey - for compassion, trust and protection. 40 mins

    • Goddess Ishtar meditation journey ... healing, love, sexuality, creation, fertility, abundance and justice! (50 mins)

    • Goddess Isis meditation - reset. rebirth. soul retrieval. you are not broken! (30 mins)

    • Mary Magdalene meditation - divine love. acceptance. deep healing. (40 mins)

    • Goddess Ma'at meditation with the Sun and the Moon healing (and heiroglyphics) 33 mins

    • Mother Mary meditation - Queen of Angels. deep nurturing of self. (42 mins)

    • Goddess Maeve and Archangel Raphael deep healing with crystals and light meditation (43 mins)

    • Goddess Ostara meditation journey ... celebration of fertility, light and celebration at the time of Easter. (35 mins)

  • 4

    Angels and Archangels

    • Archangel Ariel meditation - brings courage and empowerment (41 mins)

    • Archangel Azrael meditation - grief counsellor. heal. soothe. comfort. (30 mins)

    • Archangel Chamuel - pure love. healing your heart. finding lost things. (30 mins)

    • Archangel Gabrielle meditation - supports parents. artists. communicators. (30 mins)

    • Archangel Haniel meditation - brings grace. moon energy. improves clairvoyance. (32 mins)

    • Archangel Jeremiel meditation - life review. learn from the past. end of life process. (35 mins)

    • Archangel Jophiel meditation - think beautiful thoughts. see beauty in your life. (35 mins)

    • Archangel Metatron meditation - helps psychic and gifted people to feel empowered (43 mins)

    • Archangel Michael - clearing. preservation. courage. (41 mins)

    • Archangel Raziel meditation - magic. manifesting. geometric energy. (34 mins)

    • Archangel Raguel meditation - resolve conflict. boost energy. (33 mins)

    • Archangel Raphael meditation - healing. nurturing. soothing. (38 mins)

    • Archangel Samaele journey - integrity. leadership. authenticity. (43 mins)

    • Archangel Sandolphon meditation - healing with music. (30 mins)

    • Archangel Uriel meditation - insights. wisdom. new ideas. (31 mins)

    • Archangel Zadkiel meditation - journey to the stars. forgiveness. compassion. (35 mins)

  • 5

    Divine Masculine / Ascended Masters

    • Hilarion & El Morya meditation - divine healing. awakening. geometric crystals (41 mins)

    • Saint Germain meditation - karma releasing. alchemy. violet flame. (40 mins)

    • Master Buddha OM symbol chakra balancing meditation (35 mins)

    • Master Babaji journey to the Himalayan temple healing meditation (40 mins)